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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Bestselling author and licensed coach, Elena Rodriguez helps women regain strength after defeat

A brilliant businesswoman, she felt called to become a coach. She brings her experience of becoming a widow on Christmas Eve and her understanding of what it takes to rebuild yourself from the ground up, into her work today.

She helps women to rebuild confidence, crush goals, and comeback strong.

She is the CEO & Founder of Besitos Beauty.


When corporate franchised gyms became too competitive for Elena Rodriguez to maintain her
own dance fitness studio she knew she had to pivot.

Having never worked in the
corporate world before, she took an entry-level position at a call center, thinking it would tide her over until she figured out what to do next.

Within three months, she was killing it there.

“I had applied all the skills that I learned over the years of running my own business, and I promoted to a leadership position,” she says.

“In 12 weeks, I tripled my income and was leading people that were my leads when I got hired. That’s the thing about skills, you take them with you
wherever you go.”

She knew more was in store for her life and she became licensed with the intention of becoming an executive leadership development coach. 

Elena’s personal story took
a dramatic turn when she left the corporate world to begin her coaching practice.

Within of leaving her corporate job her husband had a heart attack and passed away on Christmas Eve.

“So there I was, a new widow, with no job, no plan. I had to close his business because it was bleeding money faster
than I could process,” she says. “My life flipped upside down in a moment. I knew there was no option but to figure it out, and so my walk in faith began.”

To add to the pain and trauma, 9 months after burying her husband, she discovered a five-year affair that her husband had been involved in, causing her to have to deal with shock and betrayal as well as grief.

Today Elena helps other rebuild confidence, crush goals, and comeback strong.

She has added her lipstick company as another layer of fun to boost confidence and feel good.

She believe lipstick is the finishing touch that pulls you together and reminds you that YES YOU CAN and YOU WILL.

Part of her advice is to encourage women to recognize what they can leave behind.

“When you
feel broken and you feel like the puzzle pieces aren’t fitting together for you, yet you continue to try and force them, realize that maybe those pieces aren’t supposed to be in your puzzle at all,” she says. “Instead of thinking of yourself as broken, think of yourself as becoming.

We’re becoming what it is that we were created to be all along.”


You can find Elena on social media @ElenaRodriguez and @BesitosBeauty and she loves to receive emails and messages too!

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